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Collaboration models:


This collaboration model provides the production of creatives to companies that do not have an in-house production team. It’s also a good solution for companies that want to increase their volume of creatives by utilizing the extra capabilities of "Admaxgame".

Main advantages:


1. The "Admaxcrm" is available.


2. Our project managers control designers’ work in compliance with the terms of your tasks.


3. The cost of producing creatives depends on their complexity. 

KPI model

The standard model for collaboration on KPI advertising metrics for creatives.


Cooperation is divided into several stages:


1. The testing phase. At this stage we produce several creatives on a monthly basis. Our benchmark gets tested at the same time. We settle on KPI metrics for tests. As a result of testing, we find promising creative solutions for advertising your app.


2. KPI is formed on the basis of benchmark tests. Following that, we produce a monthly volume of creatives. 50% of the volume is the search for new creatives, 50% is improving creatives based on the KPI. 

SPEND model

An advanced cooperation model that uses all of our experience to create TOP efficient creatives and increase customer revenue.




1. The closest interaction between our teams in order to ensure maximum profitability of creatives


2. Promising creatives are redesigned for maximum profitability. We also produce a few test creatives to assist our monthly search of promising ideas.

Our Mission

To surpass our clients’ expectations, offering innovative production services to create TOP efficient creatives, and to work closely with clients to help them achieve maximum revenue growth. We aim to provide the production of creatives to companies that do not have an in-house production team or want to expand production volumes.

Why Us

  • We have vast experience and can offer ideas and creatives with maximum efficiency for your app.

  • KPI approval metrics creatives (IR, CPI etc.).

  • Expand your capabilities by getting more creatives for testing.

  • Avoid the cost of maintaining a large number of in-house production staff.

  • Our company employs more than 250 highly qualified specialists.

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Client acquisition and development director


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Business development manager 



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